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 Sarah identifies as a person with disability (Invisible), having both Type 1 Diabetes and Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease.  In 2021, Sarah was selected to take part in the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s Inaugural National Mentorship with David Connolly.  Together, they centred their work around Disability representation.  Specifically, the systemic theme of ableism in the arts. 


In 2022, Sarah partnered with Dexcom Canada. 

Sarah believes art is a catalyst for social change and a powerful tool in our modern society.  She is extremely passionate about representation of disabled bodies, minds, and souls on stage/screen, and is working hard to create opportunities to amplify those voices.


You can stream Sarah's debut single, “Invisible” (co-written with Duncan Cox).  She dedicates this song to all who suffer in silence.

Advocacy: Welcome
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