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Winnipeg, MB artist and advocate, Sarah Luby released debut single "Invisible" on May 24 to raise funds and awareness for accessibility and inclusion in the arts.


"But this is such an important message to get out, especially in the arts, speaking about invisible disabilities because you just don’t hear a lot about it. People with disabilities are the largest minority group and it doesn’t get talked about, so it’s a really important discussion.

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"For the longest time, it was difficult for me to admit that I had a disability. Like so many, I was scared of the repercussions the stigma could have on my career. Ultimately, with much care and support, I decided that the possibility of creating change and helping others was more important," Luby said.

"Sarah Luby, a recipient of AANM’s Micro Grants, has recently launched her newest music video “Invisible” which AANM was happy to support."

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